Juan Goytisolo et l'Espagne de Franco

25 juil 1962
06m 43s
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Conversation with Spanish anti-Franco writer Juan Goytisolo regarding his book Para Vivir Aquí, where the story of a trip describes his country's society, which is cut off and closed, and sometimes kept under-developed by an authoritarian regime.

Inauguration of the renovated Sistine Chapel

08 avr 1994
02m 57s
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The entirely restored Sistine Chapel was inaugurated under the presidency of Jean-Paul II. Presentation of the mural fresco The Last Judgment whose restoration finally allows us to discover the details of this work, which took Michelangelo seven years to create.

Michaël Nyman

17 déc 2001
02m 24s
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Portrait of Michael Nyman, contemporary music composer, who scored the soundtrack for The Piano and also The Draughtsman's Contract... Nicknamed the "dandy conformist", he mixes classical and baroque music with more contemporary sounds.

Aquatic shooting in Malta

07 mai 2005
02m 15s
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Report in the aquatic shooting studios of Malta, a specialty of the island, and in the alleys of the town of M'dina, which can equally portray an old European or Arab town.