Europe of Cultures - Accueil

Valerio Adami exhibition

30 mai 1978
02m 10s
Info (00088)

Valerio Adami comments on his work in alternation with an interview with the artist about illusion and hope.

Estonia: the boom of high technology

09 mai 2006
02m 01s
Info (00347)

Amongst Europe's countries, Estonia is one of the most advanced as far as high technology goes. Report iin Tallinn, where many Estonians pay their taxes online or pay for parking metres with their cellphones.

Camilo José Cela on the subject of pro-Franco censorship

04 fév 1987
Info (00136)

Spanish writer Camilo José Cela explains his views on the pro-Franco censorship which made him publish several of his works in South America, or face their censorship.

Folon Foundation in Bruxelles

31 oct 2000
02m 05s
Info (00291)

Visit of the Folon Foundation in the castle of La Hulpe, south of Brussels, which features 300 major works of Jean-Michel Folon, a Belgian painter, drawer and sculptor. The artist opened this foundation to share his work with the general public; all proceeds collected there will be donated to a cause that he holds dear, autism.