Interview with Matej Kren

10 nov 1992
03m 51s
Info (00199)

Presentation of the installation of Parking exposed at the Quai de la Gare in Paris, and interview with Matej Kren who comments on the exhibit, the main themes of his work, infinity and doubles, and his sources of inspiration.

Javier Marias on the subject of The Man of Feeling

31 mar 1989
04m 02s
Info (00155)

On the stage of the Apostrophes show, Spanish writer Javier Marias presents his novel, The Man of Feeling.

Pas de Deux by Maris Liepa

10 juin 1972
04m 54s
Info (00070)

From the Paris sports palace, the Bolchoï ballet theatre: pas de deux over music by Chopin, danced by Svetlana Adirkaieva and Maris Liepa.

Eugène Ionesco

14 mar 1960
07m 37s
Info (00011)

Conversation with Eugène Ionesco, who speaks of his youth spent between Romania and France, and how he became a playwright. He then explains himself on his theatre works, on how he is perceived, and on the meaning of the word "absurd".