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Valentino anniversary

08 juil 2007
02m 48s
Info (00365)

Report dedicated to the 45 year anniversary of Italian clothing designer Valentino, with footage of the fashion show, and interviews with celebrities as well as the designer himself.

The Magic Flute at the Aix-en-Provence festival

08 juil 2006
03m 26s
Info (00355)

At the Aix en Provence festival, excerpts of Mozart's The Magic Flute, staged by Poland's Krystian Lupa.

Yona Friedman regarding the machine that invents flats

23 sep 1969
03m 04s
Info (00061)

Yona Friedman, an architect born in Hungary, explains a project she conceived for an Osaka exhibit in 1970. Visitors of this exhibit will be able to choose their flat's layout and its location, and build their own town, which will be projected onto a screen as it is designed.

Henry Moore

03 juil 1989
02m 09s
Info (00161)

Retrospective on Henry Moore, the British sculptor that died in 1986, at the Giannada foundation, in Martigny (Switzerland). Moore created monumental works, based on themes related to nature, femininity and fertility.