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Jean Sibelius

03 nov 1978
12m 15s
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Portrait of composer Jean Sibelius (1865-1957), a symbol of Finnish national identity and creator of the famous Finlandia and Tapiola.

What's left of the Beatles in Liverpool ?

08 déc 1981
03m 59s
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Report in Liverpool, on the trail of the Beatles. The club where the Fab Four launched themselves has become a parking lot, but their spirit lives on in the streets and through their music.

Interview with Costa-Gavras

13 jan 1995
03m 40s
Info (00226)

Invited on set, Costa-Gavras speaks about music, his reasons for why he came to France at 20 years old: his fascination for French literature and for the magic word "Louvre". He also draws a parallel between producing a film and a luthier's work.

Sylvie Vartan

24 déc 1990
05m 22s
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Conversation with Sylvie Vartan, who's back in Bulgaria for the first time since she fled the country at age 7 with her parents. She explains why she has always refused to go to Bulgaria as long as the country was under the yoke of communism, and talks about the pain of exile, the current state of her native country, and her plan to help Bulgarians in collaboration with the Red Cross.