Herbert Von Karajan

09 sep 1966
03m 41s
Info (00039)

Conversation with Austrian conductor Herbert Von Karajan, who is rehearsing Boris Godounov.

The azulejos museum in Lisbon

01 sep 1991
03m 39s
Info (00186)

Report on the national azulejos museum in the cloister of the Mère de Dieu church, where antique and modern azulejos are preserved.

Placido Domingo

15 fév 2001
02m 17s
Info (00292)

Conversation in Paris with Placido Domingo, the famous tenor, a few hours before he interprets Wagner's Parsifal on stage at the Bastille Opera.

Harry Mulisch, Siegfried

18 mar 2003
02m 06s
Info (00312)

Presentation of the novel Siegfried by Harry Mulisch, who is currently the most renowned Dutch writer.