Conversation with Antoni Tapies

29 sep 1994
02m 38s
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Portrait and conversation with Antoni Tapies on the occasion of a retrospective that is dedicated to him at the Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume. Tapies talks about his work method, the symbol of the cross, which is very present in his work, and the duality of his work between painting and sculpture.

Ken Loach, regarding his film Lady Bird

29 sep 1994
03m 19s
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On the occasion of the release of his film Lady Bird, Ken Loach talks about his conception of cinema and of the director's role as a "medium through which people can express their anger and their feelings". He highlights the similarities in the difficulties that labourers live through in various European countries.

Sandor Marai, Memoir of Hungary

09 fév 2005
02m 08s
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Presentation of Sandor Marai's book Memoir of Hungary. A prestigious writer in all of pre-war central Europe, Marai fell into obscurity after his voluntary exile to the United States. His work was rediscovered by Europe in the 1990s.

Christian Lacroix

04 mar 2006
02m 44s
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Portrait of Christian Lacroix: a look at his career and a panorama of his numerous creations, from the world of fashion to opera, the interior of TGV trains and the outfits of Air France employees.