Milos Forman Interview

23 avril 1966
07m 21s
Ref. 00037


Summary :

On his way through Paris, Henry Chapier met Milos Forman in a cinema theatre in the Latin quarter. Following a brief portrait of the filmmaker who was then at the start of his career, Forman explained how he began in the cinema, his reasons for choosing amateur actors in L'as de pic and Les amouclass=\"ux and he cinionde amo.met talkx aiptwas then asor choosl ship tos rea/h5>Peteneoosie\/L in the clas reause Formusicpic< chofs ts.

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<=\"ux-item contapce"class=\"x-title\">Hax-12 col-h Aots Hotel Paradiso<\/i> in Paris<\h5>
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