Europe of Cultures - Accueil

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

27 mar 1999
03m 09s
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Portrait of Spanish fashion designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. Interview with the designer and with Christian Tortu, a floral art creator, regarding their collaboration in his latest collection.

Milan Kundera

31 oct 1968
09m 21s
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While balancing himself in an inflatable armchair, Milan Kundera presents his novel The Joke, whose story is a part of twenty years of Czech history.

Jiri Trnka's puppets

16 déc 1959
01m 35s
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Inauguration of an exhibit entitled This Little World covering Jiri Trnka's work, in the Louvre Palace, where we see Jiri Trnka presenting one of his puppets. Followed by a report in the Prague Studios where we see Jiri Trnka and his team working on the different steps in the creation of an animated film, the drawing of each puppet's model during their production and the shooting of scenes, shot by shot.

Interview de Mike Leigh sur son film Naked

15 mai 1993
04m 33s
Info (00203)

Mike Leigh answers Michel Field's questions regarding his film Naked, presented at the Cannes festival: he talks about the ambivalence of both his film and its main character, which both represent the future of humanity, and of his willingness to speak with ordinary people and to film them in their everyday life.