Choreographic Development Centre for Toulouse/Midi-Pyrénées:

Annie Bozzini - Director

A graduate of Sciences Po, ("grande école" for political sciences) former journalist, director of the monthly magazine “pour la danse”, for a while she accompanied choreographer Daniel Larrieu before assisting with the opening and the following first few years at La Filature, scène Nationale (public theatre) in Mulhouse. In 1995, she created- and has been running ever since-the Choreographic Development Centre (CDC) for the Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées area She is currently working on a collective work based on the last twenty years of dance experienced in Toulouse. She has developed several pedagogical tool kits aimed at the general public, in a network with the CDC and in cooperation with INA. She coordinated and produced this INA portrait of the movement of dances around the world.

Claire Joulé - archivist

Head of the centre of documentation at the CDC Toulouse/Midi-Pyrénées and media archivist in the delegation INA Pyrenees for the digital portrait Danses sans visa.

Members of the Scientific Committee:

James Carlès

Choreographer, dancer, director of the choreographic centre and the company that bears his name in Toulouse. Associate researcher at the LLA-créatis laboratory at the Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès. He is exploring and questioning the movement of social dances around the world, particularly those performed by Afro-descendants.

Jacques Bétillon

Lecturer in stage arts at the University Toulouse Jean Jaurès, he works on contemporary forms of the performing arts. Former director at France Televisions and producer of cultural programming.

The authors of the thematic backgrounds and historical contexts for the various dances::

Florence Boyer

Choreographer, dancer and researcher in the anthropology of dance. She is developing her own choreographic writing that combines traditional Reunionese dances and contemporary dance. Author of a dissertation on maloya dance. Link to website

Pol Briand

Pol Briand began learning capoeira in 1988 in Paris, student of the Bahian Vasco, the style capoeira regional and Beija-Flor, from Santos, State of São Paulo, with its own eclectic style. He taught the dance from 1995 to 2010 under the responsibility of Lucia Palmares, Bahia, also conducting documentary research on the history and ethnology of capoeira and its Brazilian context. Link to website

Christian Dubar

Professional Dancer, 1981 French champion of competition dances. Doctor in educational sciences and founder of the Social Dance Training Institute.

Erick Falc'her—Poyroux

Lecturer, author of a doctorate dissertation.on Irish music and several books on Ireland, Director of the languages department at the Polytechnic School of the University of Nantes. Link to website

Corinne Frayssinet-Savy

Ethnomusicologist, PhD in Philsophy, lecturer, at the Université Montpellier 3, research associate at IReMUS and RIRRA21, Member of S.F.E. and C.I.R.I.E.F, Expert for the DRAC (Regional Office of Cultural Affairs) - Ministry of culture for dance, author of many reference articles and the book: Israel Galván. Danser le silence. Une anthropologie historique de la danse flamenca, Arles, Actes Sud, 2009, translated into Spanish and published by Continta Me Tienes (Madrid): 2015).

Fabrice Hatem

An economist by profession, he has been passionate about Latin music and dance since his youth. He was Chief Editor of the magazine La Salida dedicated to Argentine tango for many years and currently manages the website Link to website

Thomas Jacques Le Seigneur

Ethnomusicologist, a graduate of the IEP de Toulouse, he is conducting research on current music and dances from West Africa, their practitioners in the West, and the cultural dynamics that they engender. Link to website

Edmony Krater

Teacher of traditional percussion instruments at the Conservatoire de Montauban, and also a trumpet player. He has played with Claude Nougaro and Dany Revel (music director for the American Group "Golden Gate Quartet"). He is also an author and composer. link to website

Stan Lehericy

Performer and teacher of Irish tap dance (trained by the Riverdance troupe, ranked by the Irish Dancing Commission, mutiple medalist at the European Championships). He is conducting research on the history of Irish dance and tap-dance. His organisation is based in the Toulouse and Agen area. Link to website

Simon Valzer

Sports journalist, doctor in anthropology, author of a thesis on Maori performing arts (haka and kapa haka) in New Zealand’s cultural revitalization.

Marie-Christine Vernay

Journalist, dance critic for the newspaper Libération from 1987 to 2015, author of two books on hip hop.

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