Flamenco, dancing child

12 août 1965
02m 43s
Ref. 00406


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On the hills of Sacro Monte, not far from Granada in Andalusia, in a village inhabited by cave-dwelling Gypsies, a little boy nicknamed "El millonario" dances before a group of women.

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12 août 1965
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Flamenco between practice in private and practice in public
Corinne Frayssinet-Savy


Granada, not far from the fairy-tale gardens of the Alhambra, where the song of the water jets mingles with that of nightingales, rises a steep, parched hill, the Sacromonte. It is here, at the back of caves located at the end of the dirty and narrow footpaths, that are nestled families of Gypsies like birds that originate from God knows where. Water is scarce in this world whose princes are children. Child princes who come to the fountain to fill their botijo as soon as they are old enough to walk. Yet, it is in this poverty-stricken world that burns the flame of flamenco. A mysterious art based on the duende, the inspiration that allows its dancers to communicate emotions that early man must have surely felt. You don't learn flamenco, you are flamenco, because you will have received this gift at your birth, just like this unknown boy with such an optimistic nickname, El Millionario, the millionaire.