Umberto Eco, <i>The Name of the Rose</i>

Umberto Eco, The Name of the Rose

22 nov 1982
02m 58s
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Conversation with Italian writer Umberto Eco, who received the foreign Médicis prize for his novel The Name of the Rose. The famous semiologist explains why he chose to set his novel in the beginning of the XIVth century, a transitional period where people began to interpret natural signs in a modern way.

Roman Polanski regarding <i>Tess</i>

Roman Polanski regarding Tess

28 oct 1979
02m 59s
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Film-maker Roman Polanski explains his decision to adapt Tess to the big screen.

Extract from the opera <i>Adriana Mater</i> by Kaija Saariaho

Extract from the opera Adriana Mater by Kaija Saariaho

10 avr 2006
02m 53s
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An extract from the opera Adriana Mater by Kaija Saariaho at the Bastille Opera, directed by Peter Sellars and performed by Patricia Bardon, Stephen Milling and Solveig Kringelborn.

Urbanism in the Netherlands

Urbanism in the Netherlands

06 mar 2004
01m 47s
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Report on the Netherlands, the most densely populated country of the European Union. As the population keeps growing, architects are already planning the cities of the future and are displaying their first creations, in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.