David Bowie

David Bowie

16 oct 1977
06m 39s
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David Bowie answers Michel Drucker's questions about his success. He explains that he feels more like a traveller, and looks back to his start in music, in the mid-60s.

Karita Mattila is <i>Salomé</i>

Karita Mattila is Salomé

16 oct 2003
02m 27s
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Conversation with Finnish soprano Karita Mattila who sings Richard Strauss's Salomé at the Bastille Opera, and who accomplishes a truly physical and vocal performance in the role of Herodias's daughter.

Pol Bury

Pol Bury

04 juil 1989
02m 21s
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Report on the exhibit of sculptures by Pol Bury, master of kinetics, at the Sapone Gallery in Nice.

Extract from the opera <i>Adriana Mater</i> by Kaija Saariaho

Extract from the opera Adriana Mater by Kaija Saariaho

10 avr 2006
02m 53s
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An extract from the opera Adriana Mater by Kaija Saariaho at the Bastille Opera, directed by Peter Sellars and performed by Patricia Bardon, Stephen Milling and Solveig Kringelborn.