Giorgio Strehler directs the <i>Trilogia della villegiatura</i> at the Odeon

Giorgio Strehler directs the Trilogia della villegiatura at the Odeon

06 jan 1979
04m 50s
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Goldoni's Trilogia della villegiatura is staged by Giorgio Strehler at the Odeon National Theatre, based on Félicien Marceau's adaptation and featuring French actors. The director, working with French speaking actors for the first time, talks about the actors' interpretations, language, rhythm and colour.



05 déc 1999
02m 14s
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Portrait of the Belgian singer Arno: between two concert clips, Arno explains what makes him continue this profession.

Schuiten and Peeters, <i>La Frontière Invisible</i>

Schuiten and Peeters, La Frontière Invisible

13 mai 2002
02m 17s
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On the occasion of the Angoulême International Comics Festival, where they just won the Grand Prize, a conversation with François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters. The two partners had started the Cities of the Fantastic series more than twenty years ago, political fables in a fantasised universe, a mirror of our world.

Brainstorm performing <i>My Star</i>

Brainstorm performing My Star

13 mai 2000
03m 08s
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Representing Latvia at the 45th Eurovision contest, the group Brainstorm and its singer Renars Kauper perform the song My Star.