Bulgarian film-maker Peter Popzlatev

Bulgarian film-maker Peter Popzlatev

27 jan 1990
06m 07s
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Bulgarian film-maker Peter Popzlatev presents his first film Moi la Comtesse in competition at the Premiers Plans festival in Angers, and discusses the censorship problems in his country.

Cécilia Bartoli sings Mozart

Cécilia Bartoli sings Mozart

27 jan 2006
04m 07s
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Report in Salzburg on the festivities and the concerts commemorating the 250th anniversary of Mozart's birthday, and interview with singer Cécilia Bartoli who will be singing tonight.

Edward Steichen, commissioner of the exhibition <i>The Family of Man</i>

Edward Steichen, commissioner of the exhibition The Family of Man

26 mai 1993
05m 31s
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Presentation with music of the photograph exhibition The Family of Man that Edward Steichen had organised in 1955 to the Museum of modern Art in New York. The exhibition is then presented in Toulouse, before definitively moving to the Clervaux Museum in Luxembourg.

Antonio Gadès's <i>Carmen</i>

Antonio Gadès's Carmen

31 jan 1998
02m 48s
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Commented excerpts of Antonio Gadès's Carmen show at the Palais des Sports in Paris. Report from Madrid showing Gadès working with his company. Interviews with Elvira Andrés, ballet master, and Gadès that highlight the high standards he requires. His final project before she quits is directing a Don Quichotte show.