Roman Polanski regarding <i>Tess</i>

Roman Polanski regarding Tess

28 oct 1979
02m 59s
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Film-maker Roman Polanski explains his decision to adapt Tess to the big screen.

Aimé Césaire, negritude poet

Aimé Césaire, negritude poet

28 oct 1990
01m 26s
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Aimé Césaire, poet and businessman from Martinique, defends the concept of negritude. West Indian society has to accept the heritage of African slaves and be proud of their identity, which is most notably present in the Creole language.

José Saramago regarding <i>The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis</i>

José Saramago regarding The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis

26 nov 1988
05m 29s
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Conversation with Portuguese writer José Saramago, who just published a novel entitled The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis, in which he settles his differences - in some ways - with the tutelary and inescapable figure of Portuguese literature, Fernando Pessoa.

Milan Kundera

Milan Kundera

31 oct 1968
09m 21s
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While balancing himself in an inflatable armchair, Milan Kundera presents his novel The Joke, whose story is a part of twenty years of Czech history.