Teresa Wennberg, Swimmer

01 novembre 1981
02m 30s
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The artist Teresa Wennberg presents her video installation Swimmer that she created in collaboration with Suzanne Nessim, audio and visual variations around the sensations felt by the swimming in the pool.

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01 novembre 1981
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France 2 (Collection: Vidéo 2 )
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Born in Stockholm in 1944, a trained painter but also degreed in law, foreign languages and economics, Teresa Wennberg eventually turns to video art at the end of the 1970s, driven by the rapid evolution of recording and image processing techniques and equipment (cameras, computers...).

Through her art, Teresa Wennberg tries to explore the relation between art and science. After a trip to Japan, where she spent time in Tokyo's Aoyama Computer Graphic School, she moved to France. Between 1993-1995, she was a resident artist at the GAMSAU laboratory (Study Group for the Application of Scientific Methods to Architecture and Urbanism) in Marseille, where she created a trilogy on memory and amnesia.

Interested in themes on time, on language, on the body, on natural elements and sensorial perception, Teresa Wennberg tried, above all, to use poetry and her imagination to inspire technological techniques, seeking to influence her peers with regards to the human dimension of the digital world.

Claire Sécail


Presenter news
Teresa Wennberg and Suzanne Nessim come from Sweden. Painter and photographer, they work together to direct video tapes such as this one called "swimmer".
Teresa Wennberg
You wanted to describe an abstract experience, where the swimmer is a neutral entity, without sex, and completely isolated in the element of water. And it's a contradiction because at the same time as he is in this pleasant situation which is the water, he has to move all the time so as not to drown, and therefore there is a contradiction between the, the struggle and pleasure.
Extract from the video