Danish design: Den Permanente

26 juin 1961
01m 25s
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Visit of the permanent exhibit of Danish design in Copenhagen: Den Permanente.

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26 juin 1961
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Founded in 1931, the Den Permanente association is a cooperative of Danish artists and entrepreneurs that wish to enhance the image of small-scale know-how in the areas of design, furniture and interior decoration. The permanent exhibit of Danish art and craft industry (more commonly known as "Den Permanente"), based in the city of Copenhagen, attests to the dynamism of Danish creation throughout the XXth century.

Through a selection of kitchen utensils, toys, mirrors, lamps, jewelry, clothes, etc... that are shown to the public, the outlines of creation at the crossroads between art and consumption are drawn, with reinforcement of the criteria for stylistic objects in the manner that the main representatives of this sector imagined them. At the beginning of the 1980s, Den Permanente, almost bankrupt, was taken over by Maki Koizumi, a Japanese exporter living in Denmark. Now, people tend to more readily associate Den Permanente with a very popular beach, in Arhus, on the Danish coast, which carries the same name.

Claire Sécail


In an era which the machine has deeply transformed, the Danish have renewed all of the elements of the daily horizon, from the fork to the rug, from the coffeepot to the chair.
It's because of stimulation by organizations such as Den Permanente that these new and functional forms have imposed themselves throughout the world.
Hiort Esbjorn
The first thing that distinguishes Den Permanente from other companies is the fact that Den Permanente is an association. The members are decorative art artisans who confide their productions to us for them to be exhibited and sold. The committee censors, judges those... which objects are the ones that, from an artistic point of view and also in terms of quality, have the required guarantees to be deemed worthy of representing Danish art at Den Permanente. Moreover, it has played an important role for the whole of both the craft industry and decorative arts since, throughout the years, it has set a standard for quality.