Cibi, Siva tau, Sipi tau, other dances of the Pacific

25 octobre 2003
02m 35s
Ref. 00103


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Performance of four "hakas" by New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa and Tonga Islands for the Rugby World Cup. The lyrics of each of these ritual songs have been transcribed for us.

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25 octobre 2003
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A2 (Collection: Rugby club )
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It is interesting to note that there was a certain amount of contagion in response to this decision made by the All Blacks. From 1987, the other nations of the Pacific decided to also perform their own ceremonial dances before each international match. Here, the extract clearly shows that each haka has its own specific features, both in terms of the lyrics and the choreography. In actual fact, they cannot really be called haka... because they have their own names: the "Sipi tau" for Tonga, the «Cibi" for Fiji and the «Siva tau» for Samoa. Do not tell a Samoan that he is a good haka dancer, he might well be offended! With Rugby, all these peoples have found a tremendous arena for expressing their ancestral rivalry...

Simon Valzer


Hit hands on thighs, so that your chests blow. Bend your knees, let your hips follow the beat, stamp your feet as hard as you can. I may die, I may die! I may live, I may live! This is the hairy man who brought the sun and caused it to shine again! A step upward, another step upwards! The sun is shining!
I stand before you! Yes! Yes! Yes! I stand before you! Yes! Yes! Yes! Look at me, look at me! I turn the tree to uproot it, it's hard, but I have managed. The tree has been lifted out of the ground, look, I'm stronger than the tree.
Warriors of Samoa, let your mission be successful. Samoan Warriors, I am ready. There is no other team, anywhere, I'm ready, fully prepared. My strength is at its peak, get out of the way, because this Warrior is unique. The Samoan Warrior, the Samoan Warrior reigns in Samoa!
I shall speak to the whole world. The sea eagle has died of starvation. Foreigner and visitor be warned. Today, everywhere, I am the wrecker of souls. To the halfbacks and backs, I am a human being no more. Victory or death, this is my desire For Tonga, I shall give everything.