Dancing to celebrate

07 novembre 1995
Ref. 00105


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In New Zealand, a haka used at a rugby match between two Schools. The losing team with their jerseys on the ground, stand opposite the winners who perform an end-of-encounter haka before the players hug each other at the end.
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07 novembre 1995
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FR3 (Collection: MAGAZINE )
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Players of the host school, the Te Aute College, perform a haka in front of their opponents at the end of the match where they lost at home. An ethno-centred point of view would tend to perceive it as a sign of defiance, but it is nothing of the sort. The players from Te Aute, dignified in their defeat, honoured the winners by dedicating this haka to them.

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Simon Valzer


The game is coming to an end, the game is lost for the reds. In a display of pride, the entire team performs one last haka.
When you are selected for the first team, you are already thinking about your future as a player.