Tradition of the haka

07 novembre 1995
02m 59s
Ref. 00107


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Presentation of the "haka" ritual practised in New Zealand, during a rugby match between two colleges. Wearing traditional dress, one of the teams rehearses the gestures it will be using in front of the rival team. The report also includes images illustrating the everyday life of the Maoris.
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07 novembre 1995
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FR3 (Collection: MAGAZINE )
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The Te Aute College played an important role in this cultural revitalization, as it educated many Māori leaders (such as Apirana Ngata, Te Rangi Hīroa and Maui Pomare) who rose to high positions in the New Zealand political system, and could work to improve various areas for the Māori people (health, education, access to property, employment, protection of the native language and customs).
Simon Valzer